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Cancun, September 2012

9:08 PM

How many miles/points:
25,000 AAdvantage airline miles per person + $75 tax and $249 resort week.

We used 25,000 AAdvantage airline miles per person + $75 tax.  These AAdvantage miles came from a credit card offer we signed up for about a year ago with CITI card.

We booked a $249 resort week earlier in the year that could be used at over 2,000 resorts world wide.  We booked a 1 bedroom condo at the Mayan Palace which seemed to have good reviews on TripAdvisor.

How we did it:
We like to travel in September because kids are back in school and people have gone back go work.  Winter is really the peak season in Cancun for american tourists.  American Airlines offers the 25,000 AAdvantage fare in September and October and these months are supposed to be the rainy season.  Last time we were there it was beautiful and sunny everyday, however it rained the day we left.  At the Mayan Palace we could check in on a Friday and I was able to find a flight that left on Friday and we decided to come home on Wednesday.  Sometimes it is tricky getting the hotel dates and flights to match up, but I was able to make it work!

Our trip to Cancun, Mexico is only a month a way and we are so excited!  Our first trip to Cancun was in October 2011 and we loved it so much we wanted to go back as soon as we could.  This time we are staying at the Mayan Palace on the Mayan Rivieria, which is 23 miles south of the airport and about 33 miles from the hotel zone.  We chose to stay further south this year because we wanted the big resort feel instead of a hotel and the things we wanted to see this trip are all south of where we are staying.  We'll let you know how it goes.  

Mayan Palace Resort

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