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100's of Discounted 7-night Condo Resorts

4:09 PM

If you happen to have the Entertainment Book then you should take a look at the travel section.  I was just flipping through the book this weekend and stumbled upon DreamVacationWeek.com.  You can save hundreds of dollars by booking condos for 1 week all over the world from this website (see the list below).  My coupon code has unlimited uses through November 1, 2013 so try this certificate number and security code and start looking and book condos.  You can book up to 6 months out.  There are great deals worldwide!  I've stayed at the Westgate Park City Resort pictured above and it was really nice!

Certificate Number: 4274269
Security Code: 658K

Redemption Instructions:
  1. Go to Dreamvacationweek.com
  2. Enter the Certificate Number and Security Code 
  3. Choose up to 6 destinations from the grid. 
  4. Book your condo resort vacation.
  5. You will receive an email confirmation after you complete the transaction.
  6. Full Terms & Conditions are available at Dreamvactionweek.com

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