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Southwest Airlines 50,000 Points Offer is Back!

2:05 PM

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This 50,000 Southwest Visa offer only comes around once in a while and definitely worth signing up for.  Apply now!  This is my favorite credit card and one that I hang on to for everyday purchases!  The great thing about Southwest Rapid Rewards is that they are so easy to use.  You can use them on virtually any flight and Southwest airlines now flys to my favorite international destinations including Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic and the Bahamas. 

How it works:
You get 50,000 points after charging $2,000 in 3 months.  This is a ~$714 in Southwest travel!  If you and your spouse both get a card that's 100,000 points!  There is a $99 annual fee (that is not waived), but it is well worth it and you can cancel if you want after your points are awarded.  Be sure to sign up for Rapid Rewards before you submit your credit card application.  

WTC Review: Rapid Rewards points by Southwest Airlines has been recognized for being one of the easiest frequent flyer programs to use because you can basically use points on every flight.  This is the offer we used to book our Disneyland trip and to go to Las Vegas.  Points don't expire if you have earning activity every 24 months which you can do by signing up for the Rapid Rewards Dining Program with any credit card.

Disclosure: This page includes affiliate links to the SWA Rapid Rewards Visa Card and the author will receive points if you sign up for this card.

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  1. Hey guess what? I clicked on your link here to apply for this card and it let me have the 50,000 points today!!! Yeah for us!!! Now I just need to open one for each of us! :)
    Just thought you'd want to know it was still working...somehow!


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