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California Adventure FASTPASS Secrets and Tips

9:00 AM

Radiator Springs FASTPASS Tips 
  • Radiator Springs Racers MUST be the first FASTPASS of the day!  
    • Plan on getting in line at the California Adventure entrance 30 minutes prior to opening.
    • When you get into the park the end of the line for the RSR FASTPASSES will be somewhere in Hollywood Land and a cast member will be holding a sign that says 'end of the line.'  (Don't even think about cutting in line to get a FASTPASS!) 
    • One person in your party can wait in line while everyone else goes to other attractions.
    • When the park officially opens then the FASTPASSES will begin to be distributed and the FASTPASS line will begin to move.
    • REMEMBER if you're getting FASTPASSES for other people that they have to have to physically be somewhere in the park (not still in bed).
    • RSR FASTPASSES are not connected to the other FASTPASS machines in the park so you can go ahead and start collecting your FASTPASSES for the day no matter what time the return time is on your RSR FASTPASS.
    • Don't plan on getting more than one FASTPASS per person for this attraction.
    • It seems silly to stand in a long line to get a FASTPASS, but trust me it is well worth it!  Even during off season, the wait times for RSR can be 120 minutes and the FASTPASS line can still exceed 30 minutes, but the ride is worth it!  
California Adventure FASTPASS Tips 
  1. Get in line for the Radiator Springs Racers FASTPASS first.
  2. Next, If you're planning on going to World of Color then get your second FASTPASS outside Grizzly River Run.  This FASTPASS gives you specific seating at World of Color.
  3. Soarin' Over California should be your third FASTPASS. 
  4. Tower of Terror should be your fourth FASTPASS. (Check the time on your Soarin' Over California FASTPASS to see what time you can get this FASTPASS.)
  5. Grizzly River Run should be your fifth FASTPASS. 
  6. Continue to pick and choose attractions that offer FASTPASSES throughout the day.
Disney California Adventure Park FASTPASS Attractions

  • Your park ticket must be scanned at the front gate in order to get FASTPASSES, which means you can't send one person into the park to get FASTPASSES for everyone else in the party.  (This is sometimes a problem for people who wait in line for the Radiator Springs Racers FASTPASSES.)
The official Disneyland Resorts FASTPASS website

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