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Disneyland FASTPASSES Explained

9:00 AM

Whoever created the FASTPASS system in Disney parks is a genius and it sure makes for a much productive day!  I wanted to explain how FASTPASSES work in this blog post and then the share a few secrets and tips I've discovered about FASTPASSES at Disneyland Park and California Adventure in the coming days.  In the past 4 months I've been to Disneyland and California Adventure 10 times and to the Magic Kingdom in Florida.  If you want to make the most of your trips to the Disney parks on the rides and not in the lines then here are some tips about FASTPASSES.

How it works:
  • In a nutshell you go to attractions that have FASTPASS distribution machines and get a FASTPASS (voucher) to return to the attraction during a specific 60 minute period of time to bypass the stand-by line.
What to do:
  • Hold on to your park ticket when you enter the park because you will need it to get FASTPASSES.
  • Choose an attraction that distributes FASTPASSES. (Below are a list of attractions that distribute FASTPASSES.)
  • Return to the FASTPASS line between the times on your FASTPASS voucher (this is strictly enforced).  
  • Keep track of the time when you can get your next FASTPASS.  It is printed on the bottom of the FASTPASS. 
General Tips:
  • Have a designated FASTPASS runner who can take everyone's park tickets and get FASTPASSES for everyone at the same time.  The whole group must be in the park, but aren't required to be present to get FASTPASSES.  
  • Even if your kids aren't tall enough to ride some of the attractions still use their park tickets to get FASTPASSES because they will still go to good use by those who are tall enough to ride the rides.
  • Keep your expired FASTPASSES and try to use them still, sometimes the cast member at the entrance of the attraction will let you use them.
  • Use your FASTPASS privileges wisely.  If the wait for an attraction is only 10-15 minutes maybe you'll decide not get a FASTPASS for that attraction and instead get a FASTPASS for another attraction with a longer wait. 

  • Your park ticket must be scanned at the front gate in order to get FASTPASSES, which means you can't send one person into the park to get FASTPASSES for everyone else in the party.  (This is sometimes a problem for people who wait in line for the Radiator Springs Racers FASTPASSES.)
The official Disneyland Resorts FASTPASS website

Tomorrow I am posting part 2 about Disneyland Park FASTPASS secrets and tips.  Stay tuned!

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