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$149 for 4 days/3 nights in Orlando PLUS 2 Disney World Tickets!

10:29 PM

Our FREE day at the Magic Kingdom, February 2013.
We go to Disney World almost every year because it can be such a cheap trip!  We're headed there again in April and I just firmed up our hotel reservations.  We have been booking package deals to Orlando since 2008. These packages include three to five days at a hotel or condo AND two Disney World tickets.  We usually find these package deals on eBay. However, I found the best deal I've ever seen to Orlando with Endless Vacation Rentals, it even has a promo code to make it cheaper!

For $199 you get 4 days/3 night at Holiday Inn Maingate East plus two Disney World tickets.  You can save $50 if you use promo code 'deals' or 'travel 50' so the price drops to $149!  The $149 is for the entire package including hotel, tickets and transportation.  The two Disney World tickets are valued at almost $200 alone so you can see what a great value this is!  We love booking these packages when we go to Orlando and we've done it at least five times!  

Here are the package details:

  • 2 adult Disney World one day passes  
  • 1 guestroom that sleeps 4  
  • FREE shuttle services to Disney Theme Parks 
  • Use of hotel amenities and services  
  • Additional nights start at $69 per night 
  • $10 off Planet Hollywood, Buca di Beppo & Planet Dailies  
  • 120 minute resort preview (click the link to see the terms and conditions)
  • Tickets included with this promotion will be received after the timeshare presentation is completed
  • Hotel tax of 13% and a resort fee of $5.00 per night paid upon check-in and are not included                        
To get such a great deal you are committed to attend a 120 minute resort presentation.  This does cut into your vacation time, however it's time well spent when you consider the retail price of this package is $611!  You're saving $462!  That makes it well worth it for me.  

Here are some tips about having a positive resort presentation experience:
  • Start your stopwatch. You've committed to 120 minutes of presentation, not a minute more.  
  • Tell them where you have to go in 120 minutes so you can get out of there and on with your vacation (be honest and have a plan).
  • When the sales person asks why are you there tell them you are interested in learning about vacationing.
  • Don’t give in to ‘buying is better than renting’ sales pitch.  Buying isn't always better than renting.
  • I always tell them I'm trying to get out of debt (like paying off my house), not get into more debt .
  • The magic 5 words –“I can’t and I won’t”.  It works every time!
  • Be honest, courteous and grateful!

Disclaimer: Ideas in this blog post are from my own personal experiences and actual results may vary based on offers available at the time.  I don't receive compensation for any of these credit card offers.  This is not professional advice.

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  2. Thanks Mike! We will be joining you in April for this deal! You rock!when are you going?


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